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courtyard view from the lobby


Welcome to our hotel's ground floor, where a cozy and inviting lobby awaits you. It's a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comfort, promising a delightful stay.


The focal point of our lobby is our exquisite one-of-a kind L-shaped driftwood sofa, handcrafted from natural driftwood found on a nearby beach. This unique piece not only adds rustic elegance but also reflects our commitment to sustainability.


Gaze upon our courtyard pocket garden, a lush oasis in the heart of the hotel. Relax amidst vibrant greenery as you await check-in, tour departures, or airport transfers.

Admire the captivating underwater seascape, a personal creation by Binda, our hotel's owner and founder. This art piece adds a touch of wonder and tranquility to the lobby.

Stay connected with strong Wi-Fi throughout the lobby, ensuring you can easily keep in touch or tend to business matters.

Our lobby seamlessly blends natural beauty, comfort, and artistry, creating a welcoming space for your stay. Whether you're checking in, preparing for a tour, or seeking a peaceful moment, our lobby invites you to make yourself at home. We look forward to sharing this enchanting space with you during your stay.

lobby front desk driftwood sofa nighttime
courtyard view from the lobby at night
lobby seating daytime
ramp to lobby
lobby front desk, sofas, painting
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