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Dining Area

Join us for breakfast daily from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. in our charming dining area, located at the heart of the hotel on the second floor. Here, you'll enjoy a picturesque view overlooking our Courtyard pocket garden, creating the perfect ambiance to start your day.

With seating for approximately 20-30 guests, our dining area offers an intimate and cozy setting, making it the ideal place to savor a delightful morning meal. Our menu boasts a selection of traditional Filipino "silog" breakfast options, featuring sinangag (fried rice), itlog (egg), and your choice of fish, chicken, pork, or beef as the main dish. For those seeking a taste of international flavors, we also offer a delectable continental breakfast of omelettes and pancakes. To ensure a seamless dining experience, our attentive staff takes your breakfast orders the evening before.

Our dining room also caters to the needs of business travelers and remote workers. Boasting the strongest Wi-Fi signal within the hotel, it provides a productive space where you can catch up on work, attend virtual meetings, or simply browse the web while enjoying your meal. Combine business with pleasure in our versatile dining oasis.

As you savor your breakfast, take a moment to admire 2 original wall decors. These artworks are a true masterpiece, created by the owner and founder, Binda. One is created using lampirong shells. These shells have been artistically arranged in concentric circles to form a breathtaking and unique piece of art. The other is a stylized painting of Madonna and Child in Binda's unique painting style, adding a touch of elegance and personality to our dining space.

Join us for breakfast, where good food meets a serene atmosphere, and work meets convenience. It's a delightful start to any day at our hotel, enriched by the creative vision of our founder.

dining aread daytime
dining aread daytime
dining aread daytime
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dining area nighttime
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