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Step into our ground-floor lobby, where comfort and curiosity await. Intriguing seating arrangements beckon guests, but the true gem is our L-shaped driftwood sofa, handcrafted from natural driftwood discovered on a nearby beach.


As you settle in, let the refreshing view of our lush courtyard pocket garden soothe your senses.

dining area

The main dining area is located at the center of the hotel on the second floor which can seat 20-30 persons with more tables on the third floor, roof deck.
We serve complimentary breakfast for our checked-in guests with a choice between Continental and Filipino cuisines. Breakfast is served 7:00-10:00 a.m. daily. Our friendly staff will take your breakfast orders the evening before your meal.


Located on the third floor roof deck, it is conducive to relaxing with friends or your special loved one after a long day of touring the islands. Sit back and enjoy the cool sea breeze and a view of Coron Bay in the distance.

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